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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GIVEAWAY: FoodSaver® FreshSaver™ Handheld Vacuum System

CONGRATULATIONS to Lana! You won the FoodSaver® FreshSaver™ Handheld Vacuum System. Be sure to reply to our email by Friday, Aug. 20th :-)


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Going ORGANIC has never been more affordable! Don’t waste another dollar on expensive nitrate-free deli meats and cheeses, only to find them spoiled in less than a week. The FoodSaver® FreshSaver™ handheld vacuum system is the only rechargeable, cordless handheld vacuum system designed to extend the life of ready-to-eat foods. Perfect for saving deli meats and cheeses or organic fruits and veggies, the FoodSaver® FreshSaver™ handheld vacuum system will keep your foods fresher longer so you don’t have to throw your money away. Valued at $29.99, the FoodSaver® will help you with:
  • Homemade TV Dinners: One of the best things about owning a FoodSaver® vacuum sealing system is coming home after a hectic day to a fully-prepared, home-cooked meal. Just heat and serve! Making your own frozen dinners is a healthy, convenient and affordable alternative to eating out or relying on convenience foods loaded with fat and preservatives.
  • Quick Marinating: Marinate in minutes instead of hours with the FoodSaver® Quick Marinator. In a vacuum, marinade penetrates deeper and more quickly for rapid flavor infusion of meats and vegetables so you can start cooking your favorite recipes in no time. Plus, the 2 1/4 quart square canister can also be used for convenient vacuum storage.
  • Cook Once, Eat Twice: When preparing your favorite recipe, double the ingredients and freeze half the finished dish using a FoodSaver® vacuum sealing system. You can make twice as many meals without spending any extra time! Your leftovers will last longer and taste better.
  • Snack Foods: Nobody likes stale crackers or soggy popcorn! Using FoodSaver® vacuum sealing systems to store snack foods will maintain their freshness longer. Use FoodSaver® canisters to store crushable items, such as cookies, crackers and chips, or for shorter-term storage, simply seal the top of the original snack bag with the FoodSaver® vacuum sealing
    system. Buy snacks in money-saving sizes to save extra money!
  • Cookie Monsters: After creating your favorite cookie recipe, simply freeze the cookie dough in a FoodSaver® bag. When you’re ready for homemade cookies, take out the dough, thaw and bake, so you’ll always have cookies on hand for guests or yourself!
  • Banana Saver: FoodSaver® vacuum sealing systems are designed to seal even the most delicate foods, including bananas. If you have ripe bananas for banana bread, but don’t have time to bake the bread right away, here’s a handy tip: Peel the bananas, then vacuum seal and freeze in a FoodSaver® bag. They will keep fresh for days, even weeks, without discoloration and will be perfect for making the bread when you need them.

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